Map of Nature Kindergartens in British Columbia

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  1. Hello,

    I am writing to inquire about any employment opportunities available with Nature Kindergarden. I’d love to discus any openings with you further.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Hannah Vesterback

    1. Hi Hannah

      Thanks for your interest in working in Nature Kindergarten. Any employment opportunities will be advertised via the Sooke School District website. Best of luck. Frances

  2. Hello Frances,
    I am so inspired by what you have started in Victoria that a friend of mine and I are both contemplating enrolling our kids in forest schools. However, one thing that weighs on my mind is that despite all the lovely benefits of outdoor risky play, where do we draw the line for children’s safety… for example, if a child is trying out a risky maneuver such as hanging by a tree branch and is likely to fall, do the teachers stop the kid or not… or when exactly do they step in? There is context to my question, my daughter actually sustained multiple fractures in her forearm by falling off a hanging bar in her school’s playground equipment…as a mom, this puts me in a dilemma…at what point should I say, ok this is too much suffering/danger for my 4 year old? Would be grateful to hear your thoughts and how you approach such situations in your kindergarten programmes.

    1. Thank you for your email. We went through a detailed process to develop a risk management plan for this program. We review the risk management plan routinely with our educators, and it is considered a dynamic, working document.