How to Raise a Wild Child by Scott Sampson

Follow this link to learn more about Scott Sampson’s book How to Raise a Wild Child – The Art and Science of Falling in Love with Nature

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  1. If you are thinking of registering you nature crazed child go for it I was in the first ever N.K. and it was amazing the teachers are the best. I am leaving sangster this year and I will miss all my teachers especially my nature K. teachers.

  2. Dear Mr/Ms,

    My name is Zinab. I am MA student doing my dissertation in Educational leadership at Middlesex University Dubai and I am interested in exploring leadership in Forest Schools and find alternative environmental outdoor learning in the Middle East.

    As you are an expert in Forest Schools, I would like to conduct an anonymous interview via Skype or phone to ask few questions about leadership in Forest Schools.

    If you agree, I will send you the information sheet and consent form.

    Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Kind regards,

    1. Please feel free to contact me at

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