Tales from the forest

This week was a busy and exciting week at Nature Kindergarten! From visiting their outdoor new classroom to the grand opening and last but not least the whole school beach clean up!

The children were very engaged this week within nature, learning about parts of nature that are living and non-living. They explored signs of living things as well as explored what is usually required for something to be living. They explored these wonderful things using their senses and their new Nature K detective kits! (A pencil, paper and magnify glass). In the forest they found many living things including trees, birds, plants, dogs, people and a squirrel! The non living things we found include garbage, rocks dead plants.

The children are settling in to the routines and are really becoming a community of learners. They have embraced nature as a teacher and continue to surprise us with their ideas, abilities and desire to learn. Everyone is looking forward to another great week at Nature K.

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