Reflecting on our practice and making changes

quiet timelearning around the picnic tableRecently, the Nature Kindergarten team changed the way in which “The Nature Kindergarten Experience” Cont. Studies course is taught.  In response to a recent workshop experience Erin had with Fresh Air Learning in the Lower Mainland, we re-focused the Cont. Studies course on leading participants through a similar experience to the Nature Kindergarten students.  This change meant that most of the workshop time was spent outdoors. 

A couple of weeks ago, Lisa and I tried out the new approach and we had a fabulous experience outdoors with 17 participants who experienced a walk to the Nature Kindergarten site, quiet time with Nature Detective Journals and Circle Time/Check-in.  We also provided an opportunity for everyone to choose from two learning options in the afternoon in an effort to differentiate our instruction to meet individual needs.

The next “The Nature Kindergarten Experience” takes place at Royal Roads University in June.


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  1. I was thrilled to be in attendance at your last session. I loved being outdoors and appreciated your new approach! As we move towards Nature K in our district we are wondering how to connect with a University/student wanting to do research. Have you had anyone on the mainland mention such a desire? I think we will be back for your Symposium! Thanks again.

    1. Hi Jenn,
      Please contact Dr. Enid Elliot about more suggestions on connecting with the research community in the Lower Mainland. Her email address is
      Best, Frances

  2. This was absolutely fantastic! It left me wondering why everyone wasn’t doing Kindergarten this way.

    I also loved the format of the workshop! I wanted to send everyone I know to see it. The materials presented were the perfect mesh of what my fun-loving self wanted to see for play, combined with the more structured needs of my teacher-self.

    I can’t wait to learn more, and thanks again for providing such a wonderful learning opportunity. I only wish I could have been two people for the session where we got to choose! It was tough to pick.

    Thanks again,

  3. Hi
    We came out last spring and enjoyed a great day at your ‘Nature Kindergarten experience”. We are from the Abbotsford school district and we are planning this year for a Nature K pilot for next year. We are wondering where and how you hang up the children’s wet outdoor clothing (rain suits, boots etc)? Do you have extra hooks in the hall or some other sort of system. We would like to begin this process soon so any advice or photos would be appreciated. Thanks Jenn

  4. Hi Jenn,

    The program has a modular classroom and there are hooks located outside the main entrance. This leaves the very wet clothing outdoors.

    Thanks Frances

  5. Thanks:)