Nature Kindergarten Begins …

As with all Kindergarten classes, Nature Kindergarten students will meet with their teacher this week for a parent-teacher-student interview.  The Nature Kindergarten ECE will also be part of this interview process.  This allows the educators to get to know the students, and gives parents and students a chance to visit the classroom and ask questions.

Nature Kindergarten educators, Lisa Lockerbie and Erin Van Stone, school principal, Maureen Lauren, and several Nature Kindergarten parents and students were featured on CHEK 6 news (educational issues) yesterday, September 4th.  Visit to view the clip.

One Response

  1. I LOVE THIS CLASS! I just read an article in the Vancouver Sun about this project.
    I went to school in the early to mid 70’s at Sangster and one of my favorite memories was all the forest and our walks to the beach. We didn’t get to go to the forest because of fencing etc. The difference to these students is going to be amazing. Exercise, fresh air, independence and self esteem, compassion for themselves and others and their world around them. The list goes on and on and all of this will be a stepping stone for their classroom education. Bravo to all the parents who have enrolled their children in this program. If I lived locally I would happily volunteer for the teacher if they wished and would pay for my own crim check etc. Well done administrators and staff and parents, and especially you kids!