Toronto Star E-book – Forest Kids: Why the Modern Classroom is Moving Outside

Toronto Star newspaper journalist, Andrea Gordon, spent two days with our Nature Kindergarten educators and students this spring.  Follow this link to order her e-book for $2.99 … it is well-written, researched, and informative!

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  1. Hello. I am very drawn to thr new initiatives. I would like to explore being of service/collaborating/learning from each other. Briefly … b.ed in outdoor and experiential education in 1982 .. M.ed in Waldorf and Arts integrated ed in 1988 .. taught in First nations, Public, Waldorf schools. Founder etc of Roots and Wings Storytelling and the Imaginative Arts in ’87. Award winning story based, experiential curric. developer …And founded Roots and Wings Garden Care and Design in the nineties, building family gardens.( after realizing I really wasnt a class room advocate.) Parent of numerous Waldorf children, grandpa of Emilio Regio grand daughter … etc .. thats the bones .. look forward to playing in the earth ! In Cowichan Valley 250 597 4791