Parent Feedback from Nature Kindergarten’s First Cohort of Students

The school year has ended, and sadly this means that our first cohort of Nature Kindergarten students will move onto Grade One in the fall.  Thank you to all Nature Kindergarten parents who completed our two-page year end questionnaire.  We were pleased to receive 18 (of 21) completed questionnaires.  According to the parent questionnaires, the program exceeded parents’ expectations and their children had a positive Kindergarten experience.

So, what did parents feel their children learned as a result of their Nature Kindergarten experience?  Some themes emerged …

* Increased knowledge about animals, flora and fauna

* Improved physical stamina and endurance

* A greater desire to be outdoors in all types of weather and for longer periods of time

* An interest in First Nations stories and culture

* Empathy toward classmates and living beings found in the forest

* A stronger sense of self-confidence

* An increase in the time families spent outdoors, especially in poor weather


Some parent comments below:

“She is much more aware of the environment and how we all need to do our share to keep our environment/nature in good order for the future.”

“My child is the most physically fit he has ever been, he sleeps better, he eats even better, our family is even more active outdoors together.”

“I am now being out run by my 5 year old.”

“We are less likely to ‘wimp out’ about being active outside inclement weather!  We are also not shying away from active days with our kids.”

“He has drastically improved his self-regulation.”

“My son adores Miss Muriel, he loves Thursdays and loves learning all about the First Nations people.  He is constantly teaching our family facts about traditions, culture, music, language, and stories too.”




2 Responses

  1. Hi there, I am very interested in what you are doing – but what do you do about toilets and handwashing out in the forest?

    1. Hello,

      The educators use a natural product hand sanitizer for handwashing in the forest. They bring along a potty in the stroller-type cart.

      Hope that helps, Frances