Future of Nature Kindergarten in Sooke SD

The following message is from Assistant Superintendent, Roberta Kubik:

After a successful pilot of Nature Kindergarten at Sangster Elementary, the Board of Education at School District 62 is continuing its support of the program into the 2014/2015 school year.

Using the forests and lands of neighbouring Royal Roads University, the students spend the mornings outside, rain or shine, learning the Kindergarten curriculum in the forest and among wildlife.

The District will be exploring opening one or two new Nature Kindergarten classes in September 2015. The District is also interested in exploring ways to expand the learnings of Nature Kindergarten to other grade levels.




4 Responses

  1. In the consideration for more nature Kindy programs for 2015 are any of the school actually in Sooke going to be in the running. We have trememdous access to the nature our here its hard to think about these kids sitting inside all day when there is a wealth of knowledge ready to be explored outside.

    1. Hello,
      The School Board will explore the possibility of additional Nature Kindergarten programs (1 or 2 more) in the 2015 school year, pending budget considerations. The School District is also aiming to align current outdoor programs and initiatives with the strengths of the Nature Kindergarten model.

      1. Does the Sooke SD have any idea of when they might announce expansion to the programs?

  2. According to the Superintendent, the Sooke School District will look at the possible expansion of Nature Kindergarten programs in 2015.