Awareness Film Night

Last week, I attended Sooke’s Awareness Film Night at EMCS secondary school.  They were showing the movies “Play Again” and “Consumer Kids”.  Both are documentaries that speak to the negative societal impacts on childhood and children.  “Play Again” looks at how little time children and youth are spending in nature and how much of their time is spent with electronic media.  “Consumer Kids” explores the powerful marketing strategies that are used to turn children into lifelong consumers of “stuff” at a very young age.  I recommend viewing both movies!

I also wanted to bring awareness to the community farm initiative in Sooke – a group that hopes to offer outdoor after school care in the future.  Visit

I appreciated the opportunity to share the successes of the Nature Kindergarten pilot during a post movie discussion at Awareness Film Night.



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  1. Greetings!

    My name is Daniel Chauvin and I would like to point you to my own efforts at Nature Education for children, School of Rocks.
    Thus far I have been working, or rather playing with a small number of children after school and occasionally on weekends, exploring nature through play, exploration and sensory awareness.
    One of our favourite activities have been treasure hunts in the forest and down by the sea.

    I discovered your school at the video awareness night. Unfortunately I had to leave early before the question and answer period, but my curiosity was definitely peaked!

    I have worked with children of elementary school and middle school age and hope to reach high school kids for my upcoming programs for the year. This years offerings will begin in February.

    I teach workshops, or ‘Playshops’ as I prefer to call them to adults as well, through my business at GreenMan Adventures. The Facebook Page of last years adventures can be found here:

    I will have course offerings available up there soon.

    I would like to offer my services on an occasional basis to your school as an alternative outlet for children’s nature

    Please contact me if you are at all interested.

    Warm regards,

    Daniel Chauvin